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Maritime artificial intelligence – Absolutely essential for the survival of the Dutch maritime sector

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‘It is only with maritime artificial intelligence (AI) that the Dutch maritime sector can survive. And we really should get started now.’ What a great entry from Rosaline Pahud de Mortanges who describes herself as head of growth of maritime business, which she certainly is. She thoroughly understands maritime digitization and data science. We join her in a dive into the following topics: getting started with digitization, AI and the power of maritime digitization. She will also tell everything about the Shipbuilder workshop she attended. Let’s go!

Digitization is a neglected topic. Really?

How is the digitization of the Dutch maritime sector going? Rosaline: ‘The data at Dutch shipyards and the structures that were invented around it cause real chaos.  People there often wonder: in which folder should I put document x? Then people easily think it is better to put it in too many than in too few folders. But who takes care of the control of all these versions? Is everyone really sure he or she is working with the latest version? No. As a result, mistakes are lurking, expensive mistakes, while the solution is available: Maritime AI.

Staying in the game? Start with real digitization

And those expensive mistakes are just the tip of the iceberg. Rosaline: ‘In order to stay in the game, maritime companies must start digitizing now.’ But how do you set up such a digitization process?

Before you can get started with maritime Artificial Intelligence, it is important to first make the transition to real digitization. Rosaline: ‘The first step is to determine a clear, digital strategy. Of course, you establish the goals of your strategy and you check whether the digital strategy is in line with the company-wide strategy. The second step is acceptance. Accept that digitization is a huge process of change. So, you need people in your organization who really understand what digital transformation is about and how you use it professionally. And then the final step: the choice for digital platforms. This step contributes to the customer experience, product development and so much more. It is really important that you take the time to properly implement the digital strategy. As soon as you have that organized, you are ready for the next step: maritime AI.

The power of Maritime Artificial Intelligence

What exactly is AI? In short, AI is about processing and presenting your data as intelligent as possible with the help of a self-learning code. We made this video about it. Shipbuilder has made this possible for the maritime sector by developing Shipbuilder SENSE. Rosaline: ‘I had the chance to watch Shipbuilder SENSE and I think it is an impressive tool, powered by maritime Artificial Intelligence. Shipbuilder SENSE reads documents and neatly converts them into a semantic data network. Only such a working method enables you to work flawlessly because you have only got one truth.’

Getting started with Maritime Artificial Intelligence yourself

‘Are you yourself going to get started with AI? First, establish what you want to achieve with it. Then define what data quality means for your company and check whether you have the right people in-house to implement AI. Don’t be surprised that the results will not be completely error-free in one go; it happens frequently when you first implement AI in your company. It takes a lot of time to interpret and analyze data which is why it is important for companies to really start now. Give AI at least 10 years to get to know your company and methods and always give back the correct answers. Because innovation in the Dutch maritime sector is already being severely curbed, I really recommend bringing in specialists, such as Shipbuilder right away. They can make this AI learning trajectory happen within a few weeks because of their enormous knowledge of IT and the maritime sector.’ With a smile: ‘And of course I can also lend a hand.’

Maritime digitization for real innovation

Rosaline is determined when it comes to the future of maritime digitization: “As far as I’m concerned, this is a must in order to be able to innovate. At this moment maritime engineers and other highly specialized people are doing repetitive work. Leave that work to the computer; it can do it much better. If the specialists at maritime companies have both time and the correct data, the innovations in your company will happen fast one after the other. Start really digitizing your company now.’

Workshop AI

Rosaline also attended a workshop at Shipbuilder about maritime AI. She comments: ‘Shipbuilder has really come a long way with maritime digitization. Even as a specialist in this field, the workshop provided me with many new insights. Highly recommended if you want to get cracking with this fascinating and essential subject.’

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