Shipbuilder Software

Get the maximum out of your maritime project with Shipbuilder Software

What is Shipbuilder?

Shipbuilder is a web-based smart data management tool that integrates all data from a project. This enables users to easily specify, design, build and maintain everything that sails entirely in one go. Shipbuilder is unique in the maritime industry because it provides all the necessary data in an integrated way. Shipbuilder is a trendsetter in the area of data management, applying an optimal and structured working method in the maritime industry with the smartest IT techniques. A database that is applicable to the entire lifecycle of a maritime project replaces working with individual files and the overuse of emails.

The Benefits Of Shipbuilder For You

30% data consistency rise

The consistency of your data increases dramatically, which greatly reduces errors and means you will have shorter turnaround times. This results in an increase of up to 20 percent in your capacity and sales.

More fun at work

On average, people are searching for data that is hidden in binders for an average of three hours every day. With Shipbuilder, you will find directly what you’re looking for. That’s fun @ work!

Manage and develop your knowledge

Increase your business knowledge at a tremendous pace and keep all your knowledge and develop it further.

Service: on the job

Make the switch to data-driven operations with us. Our Information Success Experts will help you on the job to make it an easy transition.


In an average maritime project, a person spends 3 hours per day searching for the right data, which is hidden in all kinds of file formats. With Shipbuilder this is a thing of the past.

Deliver Projects Earlier

With Shipbuilder, you can always rely on your data and, therefore, avoid expensive errors, so that all your maritime projects run smoothly. Switch to Shipbuilder and deliver your project, on average, five months earlier!

This is how Shipbuilder works

Shipbuilder Center is the core module of Shipbuilder and has many advantages. It can be further expanded with these modules to create even more benefits:

Shipbuilder Center

  • Basic Product model (Construction, Decks, Spaces, Components, Systems), including the Libraries and Properties
  • System integration, relates components to systems with functions
  • Automatic integrity and traceability of information
  • Intelligent data entry
  • Collaboration with all parties involved on the same up-to-date information
  • User and role management
  • High quality, reliable data as it is only stored once
  • Real-time shared data

Modules to extend the Shipbuilder center

Shipbuilder Specification


  • Collect specifications during your work and add them to the relevant parts of the ship
  • Company requirements management
  • Verification management
  • Versioning & Traceability


  • Manage requirements and verifications
  • Generate a consistent specification document

Shipbuilder Document


  • Document needs
  • Document revisions
  • Document approval
  • Document uploading and connecting them to the relevant parts of the ship
  • Documents distribution and receipt
  • Document retrieval


  • Professional document control with document tracking, traceability and full revision management

Shipbuilder Messaging


  • Remarks, discussions, decisions, all are stored right under their subjects
  • Evaluation of all the change requests and change proposals, and their subsequent approval or disapproval
  • Enhanced discussions


  • Co-workers can contact each other about all project-related data and comment on it
  • Automatic Minutes of Meetings

Shipbuilder Cost Control


  • Easy and consistent costing methods available
  • Cost calculations can be made on each detail level, for each design or build scenario
  • Demarcation lists
  • Quotation control


  • Consistent and clear cost calculations

Shipbuilder Engineering


  • Energy load balance calculation
  • Heat balance calculation
  • Weight calculation based on groups, automatic calculation
  • All these calculations are consistent with the definition of the ship


  • Consistent Energy load balance, heat balance and weight calculations

Shipbuilder Configuration


  • Establishing and maintaining the consistency of the ship’s performance and functional and physical attributes with its requirements, design and operational information throughout its life
  • Setting and maintaining baselines
  • Configuration Verification and Audit
  • Lifecycle overview per component
  • Connecting elements with cables, piping, etc
  • Catalogue usage


  • Guarantee the performance of your ship with the built-in Shipbuilder Knowledge Base

Shipbuilder Production


  • Work preparation: Convert engineering information into production information
  • Manage all the required lists
  • Receiving and dispatching goods
  • Pre-outfitting control


  • Reliable and up-to-date production views as all data is stored only once

Shipbuilder Planning


  • Primavera and MS-Project plugin
  • Project planning
  • Multi-project shop floor planning
  • Activity instructions


  • Reliable planning due to integrated single truth data for all planning types
  • Shows protocols for activities

Shipbuilder VR+


  • Virtual Reality plugin
  • Virtual Reality on phones
  • Google Cardboard viewers and similar devices
  • PC Platform with Oculus Rift


  • Shows relevant real-time data from Shipbuilder in a 3D environment
  • Single truth
  • Mobile integrated view on data
  • More intelligence from your data

Shipbuilder Sustainability


  • Life Cycle Design
  • Green passport
  • Material passport
  • Clean and safe demolition
  • Sustainability Knowledge Base


  • Improves the sustainability of the entire project

Shipbuilder Risk


Full risk management of your projects, including:

  • Identification of risks
  • Severity of impact and probability of occurrence
  • Prioritizing of risks
  • Resulting mitigating actions


  • Proper project and business continuity

Shipbuilder Contract


  • Manage the scope of work
  • Manage legal requirements
  • Manage project management requirements


  • Project management goes up to the next level
  • Improves contractual workflows