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Maritime Knowledge Management Training

Retaining knowledge is a hot topic at maritime companies, who often wonder how they can retain maritime knowledge when their personnel keep coming and going. During our Maritime Knowledge Management Training we will teach you how to keep implicit and explicit knowledge in-house with the help of smart data management. At the end of the training, you will be able to convert knowledge loss into knowledge as an asset. The result: you will be distinctive and be able to innovate much faster.
Read here how Ulstein does it.

Maritime Requirement Management Training

Many maritime projects start with unknown risks due to the wrong requirement management. Our infographic shows that, as a result, a project quickly results in 20 percent more work that’s worth millions of euros. During the Maritime Requirement Management Training we will give you insight into how this arises. We will also train you how to use Maritime Requirement Management in the right way by deploying smart data management. And we’ll show you how it can even help you to take the work out of your hands so that you have enough time to put your talent to work. This is how you can get your maritime project off to a really good start.

Maritime Vision & Strategy Training

If you, as a maritime company, want to make the switch to digitisation, we will help you with the process that we call digital transformation. In order to make this transition successful, vision development and a corresponding strategy are both essential. After participating in the Maritime Vision & Strategy Training, the realization of your digital transformation will become a lot easier. The process will be faster and you will achieve your goals.

Maritime Document Driven to Data Driven Training

Have you also noticed that storing information in Word, Excel or e-mail is not entirely effective and do you wonder how a data-driven, digital business operation works and what are its advantages? During the Maritime Document Driven to Data Driven Training we will do practical assignments to show you (with your own maritime project information) how to do this, step by step, with a smart data management program. This practical training will help you to apply what you have learned directly within your operational management. It will also make your work more fun and your project data will improve greatly as a result.

Maritime Digital Transformation Training

We see question marks and uncertainty everywhere when it comes to the digital transformation taking place in the maritime sector. This is completely unnecessary. During our Maritime Digital Transformation Training we will show you where we stand within the digital transformation landscape, how we can prepare your organisation for this transformation and how you can use best practices to provide you with inspiration. By taking part in this training your work will be knowledge-driven and smart, so make your company future-proof with this training.

Of course, this list of topics is not exhaustive, so please contact us with your own particular maritime topic.