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From digital transformation to data-driven operations and from vision to strategy, Shipbuilder is your maritime knowledge partner. We have over 25 years of experience in the maritime sector.

We are Shipbuilder

Our Shipbuilder Software is a game-changer for the maritime industry that integrates all the data related to a project. It enables you to easily and efficiently specify, design, build and maintain all types of vessels.



We have already given many hundreds of training courses and workshops. We are also frequently asked to speak at numerous maritime events. The topics we would like to tell you more about are:

  • Knowledge Management
  • Vision & Strategy
  • Requirement Management
  • From Document Driven to Data Driven
  • Digital Transformation


Its ability to integrate all data related to a project makes Shipbuilder a game-changer for the maritime industry. Now you can structure your data, save time and deliver your projects earlier.

Finally, Structure

A maritime project has tens of thousands of data hidden in all kinds of file formats. Can you find everything quickly and do you remember which version is the latest? Shipbuilder gives you the capability to structure your data.

Reduce the time you spend searching by 80 percent

During an average maritime project, a person searches for the right data for 3 hours per day, because it is hidden in all kinds of file formats. With Shipbuilder, such time-consuming searches are a thing of the past.

Deliver Projects Earlier

With Shipbuilder, you can always rely on your data and, therefore, avoid expensive errors, so that maritime projects run smoothly. Switch to Shipbuilder and you’ll deliver your project, on average, five months earlier!

Shipbuilder Software Modules

Shipbuilder Center is the core module of Shipbuilder and provides you with many advantages. It can be expanded with these modules so that it has even more benefits:

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