Over 25 years of maritime experience to help you succeed


Shipbuilder is a pioneering IT company that has developed the intelligent online Shipbuilder platform. Shipbuilder is the game-changer in the maritime industry that integrates all data from a project. This enables users to easily specify, design, build and maintain everything that sails entirely in one go. Shipbuilder is unique in the maritime industry because it provides all the necessary data in an integrated way. Shipbuilder is a trendsetter in the area of data management, applying an optimal and structured working method in the maritime industry with the smartest IT techniques. A database, applicable to the entire lifecycle of a maritime project, replaces searching through individual files and the overuse of emails. The Shipbuilder team has more than 25 years of practical experience in the maritime industry and, therefore, a clear vision of the future.

Our Vision
Maritime projects are more challenging than ever. Information has such a rapid growth rate that the human brain needs urgent assistance. In order to keep maritime companies competitive and viable, we see that a new way of working is an absolute requirement. A transition from document driven to data driven to knowledge driven is the way forward. Only proper digitalization enables this.

Our Mission
We care about the maritime sector and are part of it. That is why we are your maritime knowledge partner and develop innovative software. We help maritime companies to easily specify, design, build and maintain their projects right the first time. This results in more profitability, continuity and fun for our customers.

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