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We @ Shipbuilding & Lifecycle Tech 4.0: “So you think your maritime lifecycle management is efficient?”


Are maritime lifecycle projects managed efficiently with PLM systems? With the title “So you think your maritime lifecycle management is efficient?”, Geert Schouten shows you which aspects make maritime projects really efficient and profitable during the Shipbuilding & Lifecycle Tech 4.0 event. Geert Schouten: “Let’s take the project phase ‘concept design’. Here is where the lifecycle of a complex maritime project starts, so this has to be 100% right the first time.” Would you like to participate for free? Read on and we’ll tell you al about it. But first Geert tells you all about what you can learn from the presentation.

Data technology: a boost for the efficiency of lifecycle management

Geert continues. During the presentation at the online event Shipbuilding & Lifecycle Tech 4.0, I’ll show that data technology gives a boost to the efficiency of lifecycle management. Currently, document driven design of complex vessels is no longer profitable. Data driven design of complex vessels is the way to go. We help you rethink the way current lifecycle management is done and turn it into a profitable business again.

Best practices

Based on a number of best practices, Geert will guide you through the critical aspects of efficient lifecycle management. For example, he’ll show you how Ulstein Design & Solutions B.V. dramatically shortened and improved their concept design phase by taking a knowledge driven approach. We also wrote this article about it: This is how Ulstein works: “Intelligent knowledge management as the fast way to optimal ship design”

About Shipbuilding & Lifecycle Tech 4.0

Shipbuilding & Lifecycle Tech 4.0 concentrates on innovation & development for shipyards and ship owners/operators, on the use of digital & data technologies for the design, engineering, production, manufacturing, operational support & management of ships to ensure they have an efficient build process, sustainable lifespan and can perform their duties accordingly.

Shipbuilding & Lifecycle Tech 4.0: Free tickets available

Free tickets! Shipbuilder is handing out free tickets to attend the digital Shipbuilding & Lifecycle Tech 4.0 event on January 28 and February 11.

Date & time of our Presentation

January 28, 12.15 GMT

Register now:

Contact us to participate in this event for free.

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