Shipbuilder makes sustainability in the maritime industry easy and within reach


Shipbuilder makes sustainable design, construction, maintenance and ultimate scrapping of a ship easy and within reach. Geert Schouten, Director at Shipbuilder: “We have taken the next step in the field of maritime sustainability with the implementation of a Sustainability Knowledge Base in our program. In the knowledge base, Shipbuilder users can easily import the sustainability requirements for the construction or renovation of a ship. The software checks whether the ship continues to comply with the sustainability requirements – from a proposal to a design, and from a design to the construction.

Knowledge base/clients
The knowledge base is an overview of all sustainability requirements for a contract imposed by a client. Examples are ISO 14001 or 50001 standards or requirements regarding the use of materials, weight or CO2 emissions. Schouten: “The advantage is that the software brings all sustainability requirements together. Clients can easily import their ISO standards, material requirements and other sustainability demands. The demands in the knowledge base are a yardstick for the whole project. If a client opts for a cheaper version of an engine with greater emissions, the software will indicate this choice doesn’t fit within the sustainability requirements.”

From loose files to (ISO) standards
Clients that want to work with ISO standards are also supported by Shipbuilder. Users no longer need to work with loose documents containing the sustainability requirements, but all data is integrated into the system. This enables Shipbuilder to make sustainability in the maritime industry easy and within reach.

Shipbuilder and sustainability
Shipbuilder considers the contribution to a sustainable maritime sector very important. Schouten: “Constructing and maintenance to ships are large projects. A small change in for example the use of materials can have a significant impact on the sustainability of a shipbuilding project and ultimately the whole maritime sector.”

About Shipbuilder
Shipbuilder is a pioneering ICT company and the developer of the intelligent online Shipbuilder platform. Integrating all data related to a project, Shipbuilder is a game changer for the maritime industry. It enables users to easily and efficiently specify, design, build and maintain all types of vessel. The Shipbuilder platform is unique in the maritime sector for the way it provides insight into all the required data in an integrated environment, and a trendsetter in the field of data management. It applies the smartest IT technologies within the maritime industry in an optimal, well-structured way by replacing separate files and excess e-mails with a knowledge bank that can be used during the entire lifespan of a maritime project. The Shipbuilder team has over 20 years of hands-on experience in the maritime sector, combined with a very clear vision for the future.

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