Workshops to make your digital transformation a success

Workshops to make your digital transformation a success


The digital transformation in the maritime sector is in full gear. The question you should ask as a company is no longer if you should get involved but how you can make the most of these developments. Shipbuilder’s workshops lead you from an outside position to the top of the league. Geert Schouten, director at Shipbuilder: “Everywhere we go we see question marks and insecurity when it comes to the digital transformation that’s taking place in the maritime sector. That is completely unnecessary. Even more so, helped by a couple of ideas we help move organisations to the top of the league from which position they can immediately start generating new business. There is millions worth of new business already out there, just waiting to be pulled in with a little help from digital transformation. After attending our workshops there’s nothing holding you back!”

From subject to success
From 3D printing to virtual reality and from semantic technology to intelligent real time data; all these subjects are being covered. Schouten: “During these workshops I illustrate where we are within the digital transformation landscape and which areas you should pay attention to help you company realize a successful digital transformation. What I see now is that most shipping companies want a bigger digital revolution than most shipyards can offer right now. There is so much potential left out there!”

Start: connect the whole organisation
Shipbuilder focuses during workshops always on the cooperation between the work force and management. Schouten: “We kick off the workshops by connecting the management’s vision and strategy with the daily reality of the work floor. The goal is to streamline all activities that take place between different layers of the organisation. This is an incredibly important part of making the digital transformation a success.”

Best practices
Schouten: “The digital transformation is unstoppable. Several visionary companies are leading the revolution. A great example is Shipbuilder’s client Dutch Premium Yachts, who offer a very handy virtual reality tool. This tool helps the future crew of a ship that’s in the process of being built to have a look on board before completion. They can even use the VR tool to watch maintenance videos for machinery and check the machine’s technical specs within a digital environment of the ship. This tool was the deciding factor for a shipping company to hire Dutch Premium Yachts for an assignment. Others simply couldn’t offer this level of service. I am really pleased to be able to show this and other best practices to inspire others. The goal of the workshops is not to simply inform and inspire, but to start getting the maximum advantage of the digital transformation.”

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