Shipbuilder launches 3D access to real-time data in VR+ module – Exact location of all parts now visible in the 3D web browser


Shipbuilder has started a real virtual reality (VR) revolution that enables full visual access to new and existing maritime projects. Geert Schouten, director at Shipbuilder: “We are the first organisation globally that has added useful features to virtual reality for maritime projects. We know from experience that working aboard a ship or yacht with a large set of data can be extremely complex and time consuming. Because where are pump X and cable Y that need replacement located? Or, what are the exact instructions for their maintenance? Shipbuilder VR+ transfers that basic data to a virtual reality environment in the web browser. All data starts talking to Shipbuilder VR+ and connects to the exact location in the space you’re in. This results in enormous time savings for maritime projects.”

Pokémon GO plús StreetView for maritime features
The Shipbuilder VR+ module understands the way people are oriented and prefer to work: visual. Schouten: “The reason us people enjoy using Google StreetView is that we can see precisely where we need to go. We do the exact same thing with Shipbuilder VR+.  We link the data to the precise location of a part. And why do people love Pokémon GO? It brings your environment to live! We offer the same; Shipbuilder VR+ adds value to your environment wherever you are. This makes working with data a lot easier, quicker and more fun for the end user.”

Easier, cheaper and in the web browser
When you mention VR, most people think about large virtual reality devices. Schouten: “A lot of people in the maritime sector are already aware the usage of VR devices is not practical during a project. When you’re working putting devices on and taking them off all the time is not handy. That’s why Shipbuilder VR+ has brought virtual reality to the web browser. Existing ships and yachts can easily be examined with photographic 3D. Another advantage is that there’s no need to convert 3D computer models anymore. Shipbuilder VR+’s virtual reality environment can be utilized directly in the web browser of many devices such as tablets, smartphones and desktops. Much easier and cheaper, because you don’t have to do a complex conversion from data to specialist VR software or buy expensive VR devices.”

Unlimited functionalities
Shipbuilder VR+’s functionalities are continuously improved and extended. Shipbuilder has added the possibility to add instruction videos now. This makes it very simple to, for example, watch the maintenance instructions for a pump before servicing the part. The result is that the maintenance gets carried out exactly the way it should be done. Currently Shipbuilder is working on more innovative VR+ solutions. Shipbuilder would really like to hear from shipdesigners, shipbuilders and yachtbuilders to develop real time VR+ solutions that are exactly what they need.


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