The Better ChatGPT for the maritime sector

ENROLL NOW: The Better ChatGPT for the maritime sector


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What do today’s smart solutions for shipyards look like and are they really that smart? And how do you deal with ChatGPT -like solutions for the maritime sector? These are some of the topics that Shipbuilder together with Oceanco will present on February 10 during the online event: Shipbuilding & Lifecycle Technology 4.0. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to learn more about digitalization in the maritime sector. Read on if you want to know what this has to do with chocolate.

Maritime ChatGPT -like tools: Leave, Learn, or Leverage

First, we zoom in on the topic of “smart solutions.” Because what exactly is that? Then, using some examples, we show where the tech stands and how it can help your maritime business. And that allows viewers to answer the question: “Maritime ChatGPT -like tools: leave, learn or leverage?”

Best Practice: Oceanco

Based on an interview, Jaap Kouwenhoven, Project Manager Production at superyacht builder Oceanco, explains how they successfully use digitalization to make the perfect yacht possible. Using an example, we will show you how seemingly months to years of digitalization work can be accomplished fast and successfully.

Free tickets and energy for Shipbuilding & Lifecycle Technology 4.0

Shipbuilder is handing out 10 free tickets to the event. And that’s not all. If you sign up you will be sent the famous Shipbuilder Chocolonely for extra energy and inspiration. Our presentation starts at 12:10 and will last about 25 minutes. The event starts at 9:00. Find out soon what the better ChatGPT is for the maritime industry.

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