Shipbuilder launches revolutionary real time Shipbuilder VR module


Shipbuilder unveiled its new and revolutionary virtual reality module Shipbuilder VR during the Shipbuilder and Relatics Client Day on 30 June.
“Shipbuilder VR allows the real-time publication of project management data, technical data and logistical data in 3D on smartphones, tablets and PCs,” comments at Shipbuilder director Geert Schouten. “This enables users to retrieve all the information relevant to spaces within a vessel and visualise them as if they were actually on board. Shipbuilder VR offers a highly attractive form of information management and we expect that this new type of accessible, integrated information provision will become the standard in our industry.”

Set out well prepared
Shipbuilder VR has major benefits for yards and operators alike. “Shipbuilder VR enables mechanics to study the space in which they will be working and immediately see which materials they will need for construction or maintenance work before they go to the yard,” Schouten says. “They can also view the drawings which belong to the space they are virtually observing and examine other available information. This saves a lot of time and money because they can set out well prepared and will always have the latest correct information at hand.”

Operators choose yards with Shipbuilder VR
Shipping operators also have many benefits when the yard where their vessel is being built or maintained is using Shipbuilder VR. “They can see in real time and in virtual reality whether the planned work, materials and components exactly match their wishes,” Schouten points out. “And all this takes place in a live environment before construction has even started! Moreover, the operators can use Shipbuilder VR to follow the project’s progress live on remote. The advantages are so significant that this functionality is expected to become a requirement in the near future. Shipping operators will have a strong preference for yards which use Shipbuilder VR.”

Visual display of data increases quality in real time
Cees Verkerk, manager of Marketing & Communications at Shipbuilder, continues: “Shipbuilder VR has such added value because humans are visually oriented. By translating the plain, dry information into Shipbuilder VR, we make the context visible and let the data speak, as it were. This rapidly improves the quality of monitoring and, therefore, data. Changes to data in our Shipbuilder software are translated into VR in real time, creating an uncluttered control system.”

About Shipbuilder
Shipbuilder is a pioneering ICT company and the developer of the intelligent online Shipbuilder platform. Integrating all data related to a project, Shipbuilder is a game changer for the maritime industry. It enables users to easily and efficiently sell, design, build and maintain all types of vessel. The Shipbuilder platform is unique in the maritime sector for the way it provides insight into all the required data in an integrated environment, and a trendsetter in the field of data management. It applies the smartest IT technologies within the maritime industry in an optimal, well-structured way by replacing separate files and excess e-mails with a knowledge bank that can be used during the entire lifespan of a maritime project. The Shipbuilder team has over 20 years of hands-on experience in the maritime sector, combined with a very clear vision for the future.

Cees Verkerk, Marketing & Communications manager: +31 613 746 263 or

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