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Data Entry Data entry is based on shipbuilding rules which can be adjusted to your company needs. Type each requirement, component, system, space and scenario, link them manually. Prone to errors. Only add component bilge function to bilge system
Webbased No installation on site. No software  investment required, flexible monthly subscription. Easy scalability from 1 to 1.000 users. Must be installed on every pc where you want to use it. Pay per pc or per user, pay for the server. Only a modern webbrowser is required
Consistency Enter data only at one place and reuse it. Changes are automatically shown in every view and report. Enter data in several systems and manually check they are consistent and updated. In real life there are costly mistakes and time consuming corrections. Many hidden costs. Single entry, multiple view
Reporting Reports are generated from the actual, updated available data. Type a report in Word and forget about all actual changes as manual adjusting is time consuming and prone for more errors Generate reports from the actual, updated available data
Verifications Powerful and adjustable verifications for each requirement, including planning of required approval activities. Your QA-sheets are generated instantly. Time-consuming checks, under stress you will postpone checks until tomorrow Verifications for each requirement
Scenario’s Define scenario’s and manage different quotations in an orderly way integrated in one environment. Create different files, with different versions and in different directories. Maybe your collegues can find them.
Synonyms Use synonyms for components, systems, organisations and be able to find the right information (synonyms can include translations or typo’s) You need to search on exactly the name as it is stored in the software Smart use of synonyms
Libraries Flexible libraries available (enter your own as you want or use our import services)

  • Objects
  • Systems
  • Valuta & Exchange rates
  • Planning activities
  • Organisation Service types (enter Organisation and Person names, give them a role in the project)
For each and every system you might be able to create a library, but in Excel it will be difficult. Consistency is far from guaranteed. Maintenance is a horror and you can not trust the data to be up to date.Manual calculations. Call the finance department for updates Libraries with predefined data
Collaboration Web-based user interface allowing multiple persons to work together with the same data at the same time.Role based: User role dependent functionality Data is often only accessible by the user who created it in his Excel sheet. Most of the time Excel files are hard to find. No search possibility over all data.Extensive knowledge of MS Office or other used programs required. Multiple persons to work together with the same data at the same time
Implementation Predefined libraries are available right from the start. Company customization in the libraries is the only thing needed for a quick start. The whole system must be configured for usage within the company, both hardware and software. Hardware issues or system conflicts arise quickly. Predefined libraries
Maintenance Maintenance and support on the software can be done by us. Skilled IT personnel is required
Interfacing Use modern techniques like xml and webservices to make cost effective data connections. Data connections can be costly, complicated and time consuming to create.


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