Shipbuilder Benefits


Shipbuilder is smart data management software specifically designed for all parties involved in the ship design and building process. Shipbuilder enables yards, subcontractors and shipowners to get control over the complex data during the whole life cycle of a ship. By managing the relationships of the data, Shipbuilder ensures that no copies of data exists.

Main Benefits

  • Save 50% on your failure costs
  • Reduce project risks dramatically with the on screen reporting and instant verification functions
  • Collaborate easily with all involved parties on the same up-to-date information
  • Improved quality and reliability of data, as data only needs to be entered once
  • Flexible monthly subscription and a very competitive price on top
  • High flexibility to test different concepts in the project, with instant generation of evaluation data like financials, load balance or changed functionalities

Key Features

  • Web-based software: enabling global collaboration without installing additional software, a webbrowser will do.
  • Data consistency: easy addition and meaningful connecting of data.
  • Reporting: generate reports from the actual, updated information.
  • Verifications: powerful consistency checks for each discipline.
  • Scenario’s: define scenario’s and manage different quotation requests with them.
  • Interfacing: xml-transfer and webservices available to connect to other applications.
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