Why Shipbuilder SENSE makes sense

With one mouse click, you can see all the project information from hundreds of Word, Excel and PDF documents in a structured data network, using a dashboard that clearly shows the quality of your project information. Shipbuilder SENSE, the service the maritime sector has been waiting many years for, is now available. Why? Well, incorrect and inconsistent information in the maritime sector too often leads to the partial failure of projects, losing companies billions of euros annually. We at Shipbuilder believe this must change. Our dream is to make the maritime sector more profitable and innovative. With an accuracy that only software can offer, SENSE will scan all your documents.

Here are all the benefits that you can look forward to:

How Shipbuilder SENSE Can Benefit You

The launch of maritime innovation

Let Shipbuilder SENSE structure, check and present hundreds of project documents with tens of thousands of pieces of information in a clear, comprehensive dashboard. Finally, the engineer will have the time to really start using his talent, giving him more opportunity to be inventive and innovative.

We enter and check data in a second

Converting hundreds of documents into a maritime knowledge network take maritime companies thousands of hours. With SENSE you gain access to this structured network with just one mouse click.

Bring together all requirements for each topic

Requirements, space lists and equipment lists all refer to each other. Now you can find out all those cross-references automatically! With SENSE you will get a neat overview which shows all the relationships. Transform isolated data into linked data.

Reduce the time spent searching by 80%

With the data network of Shipbuilder SENSE, you can find everything by theme and location, down to the last detail. You’ll find what you need right away.

Say goodbye to failure costs

Humans are simply unequipped to check hundreds of project documents, packed with tens of thousands of pieces of information, week after week. Shipbuilder SENSE can do that, with a single mouse click.

Use your goldmine of information

A lot of information from previous maritime projects is hidden in documents at maritime companies. This is a goldmine of information. With just one mouse click Shipbuilder SENSE makes all this knowledge available for future projects.

The three easy steps to Shipbuilder SENSE

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Knowledge Delivered

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Videos & Tweets that make SENSE

In this video, Geert Schouten explains why the maritime sector needs SENSE, including the many benefits and how it works:

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