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ERP Software: you cannot build yachts and ships only with these programs


ERP software is widely used in the maritime sector while these are not sufficient. Shipbuilder has released a video, explaining why you cannot build yachts and ships just with ERP software. In the video, André Zijderveld, Sales & Maritime Consultant at Shipbuilder, explains that it is a misconception that you can manage a complete ship or yacht building project with ERP. It is especially important for the process where a maritime company adds value, that you have the proper tools to guide this properly and to be successful.

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So you don’t do that with ERP software?

André: “Large maritime companies, of course, need an ERP system that permits them to control the financial processes. However, that is not enough. The ERP software that run smoothly is great for the finance department, but it only controls the financial part and some of the logistics of the proceedings. The engineers, workmen, and operations managers simply do not realize the same benefits from these systems in their work. They need to have a system that supports the primary processes in the organization. These are the processes by which the company creates value. That can best be done with a data management program.”

How does a data management program control the primary processes?

André: “A data management program holds all data of your projects. In fact, all business knowledge is stored and processed in a good data management program such as the number of available and required parts for the work to be carried out. A good data management program provides information to all departments: from design to work planning and from construction to the inspection department. Everybody can start using this information immediately. It is also real-time information, so everyone works with the same, correct information. By using a good data management program far fewer mistakes are made at maritime companies.

Getting started with data management now

André concludes: “So yes, ERP software is good for the financial activities in a company, but you don’t build yachts and ships with it. In my opinion, you need a data management program, such as Shipbuilder Software, to truly manage and innovate in the workplace.”

Digitalization as an important topic at Europort
During Europort Shipbuilder will release various videos in which they emphasize the importance of digitalization in the maritime sector. With challenging statements and comprehensible knowledge videos, they want to make the maritime sector smarter with digital applications. For more information, please contact us.

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