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Do pay a visit to Shipbuilder’s entirely renewed website, which shows even better than before what Shipbuilder stands for: Shipbuilder as a knowledge partner and Shipbuilder as a total software solution for the maritime sector. Cees Verkerk, marketing and communication manager at Shipbuilder: “We are good at providing knowledge articles and we’re happy to share videos, related to our area of expertise. That was evident on the previous site. However, what our services are, was not so clear. The new site now provides a good overview of Shipbuilder’s services, our knowledge articles and the latest updates on social media. We also share with you what customers say.”

Maritime Knowledge Partner: profitability, continuity and fun for our customers

As soon as you open the site, you’ll see what services Shipbuilder offers. First of all, the knowledge partner section. Geert Schouten, director at Shipbuilder: “The Maritime Knowledge Partner-section clearly highlights our years of experience in the maritime sector. We have already provided training to dozens of companies to ensure their digital transformation is successful. The topics of these trainings range from Knowledge Management to Requirement Management and from Document-driven to Data-driven operations to Vision & Strategy. This results in more profitability, continuity and fun for our customers.”

Shipbuilder Software & Customers About Us

Cees: “I am very pleased with the new website. As a maritime knowledge partner we also develop innovative software: Shipbuilder Software, which we are proud of. In short, Shipbuilder Software integrates all data, related to a maritime project. It allows the user to specify, design, build and maintain ships, and to make the maritime project successful in one go. Some of the advantages of Shipbuilder Software: 80 percent less search time because you immediately find the data you need, projects can be delivered months earlier and the profit margin increases by at least 10 percent.
I am very pleased with the Customers About Us-section where some customers speak about the surplus value of Shipbuilder for their work and company. I would also like to thank them for their cooperation here.”

Knowledge Articles & Videos

For years has Shipbuilder been focused on sharing knowledge through knowledge articles and (more recently) videos to boost the digital transformation, and thus the success, of the maritime sector. Verkerk: “We have a great passion for sharing knowledge articles and videos and we will certainly continue to do that. Our latest items can be found under the heading “News”, where you will find the latest information about digital innovations in the maritime sector. I also want to thank Vince Zonneveld, Engineer at Royal Roos, for the great photos.
Would you like to know more about Shipbuilder? Then visit our new site! The enthusiastic Shipbuilder team will be happy to help you with your digital transformation.”

knowledge partner & software solution

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