This was Shipbuilder’s 2016 and this is what 2017 will be like: a year of innovation


At the end of the year we like to look back- and forwards. We walk you through 2016 and look ahead to 2017. Firstly we show the media attention we’ve received over the past year, with a top 5 of most read articles. Then we give you a sneak peak of Shipbuilder’s innovative menu for 2017; we will be serving up a lot of novelties!

A lot of media attention for VR+ and 3D
Our Shipbuilder VR+ module received the biggest amount of media attention. In the article ‘Maritime sector doesn’t fully leverage Virtual Reality’s potential, yet’ Geert Schouten (Shipbuilder) explains: ”The real potential of virtual reality is not widely known. Through our Shipbuilder-VR application we have been adding real time information in VR for several months, and it’s been very successful. This will become a new trend in the maritime sector.” Amongst others the well renowned Maritime Journal, Maritime Professional and MarineInsight wrote about the VR+ module.

Our article on 3D printing also got it’s well deserved place in the spotlight. In this article Schouten said:  “3D printing is moving at a rapid pace. It is now possible to, wherever a product is required, to print it on site. Even ships will be partly 3D printed in the future.” Maritime Journal writes in their article ‘Ship building blueprint for 3D printing’: He (Geert Schouten, red.) continued: “Other sectors are moving ahead quite fast already, so I expect some trendsetters to stand up in the maritime sector soon too.” Other media who picked up this news were: Maritime Professional, MarineInsight and Vesselfinder.

Top 5 most-read articles of 2016

The two top spots are being taken by the articles on VR+ and maritime 3D printing. Surprisingly the third place belongs to the article on the Shipbuilder Sustainability Knowledge Base. Geert Schouten tells us in this article: “We have taken the next step in the field of maritime sustainability with the implementation of a sustainable knowledge base in our program. In the knowledge base, Shipbuilder users can easily import the sustainability requirements for the construction or renovation of a ship. The software checks whether the ship continues to comply with the sustainability requirements – from a proposal to a design, and from a design to the construction.” This did not go unnoticed; The Dutch trade association Netherlands Maritime Technology (NMT) collected over 175 sustainable maritime solutions and selected 10 examples to spotlight in a sustainability maritime brochure. Among this 10 highlighted examples the Shipbuilder Sustainability Knowledge Base can be found. Geert Schouten, director at Shipbuilder: “Our vision is that knowledge is key to the success for a sustainable operating chain of builders, suppliers and owners. Therefore we have enabled a Sustainability Knowledge Base in our software. We’re excited that our Sustainability Knowledge Base now can be found in NMT’s sustainability brochure and online.”

Fourth place brings us to the article about using Shipbuilder by Royal Roos’ Vincent. He shows how easily he can manage the whole project with his iPad on the wharf thanks to Shipbuilder.
The fifth and final article was about the advantages of data integration with Shipbuilder, which connects all teams within the project. The advantage is that all data is available in a structured format and working with separate documents with different serial numbers is something of the past. Which saves time and money.

2017: Innovation and simplicity
In 2017 we will bring the VR+ module, including real-time data, into the web browser. The biggest advantage is that this means you can experience VR+ without specialist hard- or software. In our latest article ‘Shipbuilder launches 3D access to real-time data in VR+ module’ we write that Shipbuilder is keen to get in touch with shipbuilders, yachtbuilders and wharfs to further develop this and other innovations together. This makes processes easier, quicker and more cost efficient. We can’t wait!

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