This is why Excel doesn't work for the maritime sector

This is why Excel doesn’t work for the maritime sector – From now on work like this!


Oops, do you still use Excel to manage your maritime projects? Then don’t watch the video below, ever! Because it will show you how extremely dangerous it is to work with Excel. In this video, Yves de Vos, head of Development at Shipbuilder, shows what mistakes are made on a daily basis in the maritime sector with Excel and how easily a mistake sneaks in – it is really astonishing. And… with disastrous consequences. De Vos: ‘With only one space too many, the planning of an entire project can be completely delayed.’ Are you brave enough to read on? Well, do it anyway to find out why Excel doesn’t work for the maritime sector.

Not enough lifting lugs were ordered

De Vos shows in the video a typical demo Excel list that is often used at maritime companies. ‘In Excel, when ordering products, we often filter on these products and orders are then placed, based on the results. But Excel only shows the exact matches. One space too many may imply that not enough lifting lugs are ordered. As a result, some critical tasks may be delayed.’

A column for each parameter, that’s not convenient

You can also see very clearly what may cause even more errors. De Vos: ‘A new column is created for a lot of parameters. At a first glance it looks transparent, but what if there are dozens of them? You will easily lose the overview. Worse than that, it often happens that information is entered in the wrong columns. I think I’m clear on this, Excel doesn’t work for the maritime sector.’ 

A closer look at how Shipbuilder works

With all this information in mind, De Vos shows very clearly that these errors are absolutely unnecessary, when you use maritime software, such as Shipbuilder Software. This software allows you to work flawlessly, because all parts are known in the knowledge base of the software. It also presents the corresponding parameter fields. Well-organised and without errors. With Shipbuilder, your risks are greatly reduced. 

Digitalization as an important topic at Europort

During Europort Shipbuilder will release various videos in which they emphasize the importance of digitalization in the maritime sector. With challenging statements and comprehensible knowledge videos, they want to make the maritime sector smarter with digital applications. For more information, contact us now.

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