Shipbuilder’s trainee: “Innovative project management for a sustainable maritime future”


In August 2016 Einte Kamstra started his traineeship at Shipbuilder. On branch organization NMT’s website Einte read Shipbuilder’s article on Shipbuilder’s Sustainability Knowledge Base and called Geert Schouten, Shipbuilder’s director, to speak with him about maritime sustainability. That conversation landed him a great opportunity; to become an apprentice at Shipbuilder. Einte Kamstra: “During the last semester of my study we focussed on sustainability, and I wanted to spend some time working for an organization that has the same focus. Shipbuilder’s article on sustainability immediately spoke to me because the software really contributes to a more sustainable maritime sector. I want to know absolutely everything about that topic so I can use it during the rest of my professional career. In addition to that I want to learn a lot more about maritime project management.”

Maritime project management
Einte: “To ensure the maritime sector becomes more sustainable in the future, it is crucial to understand maritime project management through and through. This will make sustainable choices more insightful eventually. To analyze this as thoroughly and quickly as possible I will be researching how we can combine the data of as many facets as possible of ship building. Because Shipbuilder permits its users to design, specify, build and maintain any kind of ship accurately from top to bottom, this software helps me build up great knowledge about maritime project management.”

In reality
But how does that work practically? Einte: “My work is very versatile. I spend a lot of time on shipyards and with clients who use the software for their projects. This shows me how maritime project management works in reality. I meet a lot of interesting people with great experience in the maritime sector. Together with Shipbuilder I build on innovative project management for a sustainable maritime sector.”

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