Shipbuilder VR App now available in Play Store -Live demos offered worldwide-


A demo of the Shipbuilder VR module launched at the end of June is now available to the public as an app in the Play Store. “Following the module’s successful launch we received various requests to enable users to look around in the virtual reality environment,” says Geert Schouten, director of the Dutch ICT company Shipbuilder which developed the module. “In order to allow as many people as possible to discover this groundbreaking product we have now made it available in a demo environment. This takes people on board a vessel and shows them all the data relevant to each area.”

 Worldwide demos
The demo VR environment offers a fine impression of what the Shipbuilder module has to offer. “This is simply the beginning of the demonstrations we aim to give,” says Cees Verkerk, manager of Marketing & Communications. “We can show the possibilities of Shipbuilder live to anyone with an internet connection anywhere in the world. If, for example, we change the displayed pump or drive shaft of the vessel, the visitor will immediately be able to see this happen live in the virtual reality environment. This clearly illustrates the benefits of Shipbuilder VR.” The demo app is available for Android smartphones and tablets, while the full Shipbuilder VR module can also be used on a PC.

Benefits for yards and operators
Shipbuilder VR offers many benefits for yards and operators alike. Even before technicians go to a yard to work on the construction or maintenance of a vessel, they can examine the space where they will be working and immediately see which materials will be required. Operators also have many advantages if the yard where they are having their vessel built or maintained offers Shipbuilder VR, as they can see in real time whether the planned work, materials and parts correspond to their wishes, and follow the progress live.

See It Live -instructions-
Click here to download Shipbuilder VR in the Play Store and install it on an Android smartphone or tablet. Once installed, open the app and choose a demo with or without VR goggles or Cardboard. If the app is used without virtual reality glasses, you can simply tap your fingers on the Shipbuilder logos to open the menus. Of course, you will get the best experience if you use Shipbuilder VR with Google Cardboard or a VR headset such as Samsung Gear VR. If the app is viewed with VR goggles, the menus can be opened by moving the white dot to the Shipbuilder logos. For the best experience, however, simply contact Shipbuilder for a demo.

About us
Shipbuilder is a pioneering ICT company and the developer of the intelligent online Shipbuilder platform. Integrating all data related to a project, Shipbuilder is a game changer for the maritime industry. It enables users to easily and efficiently specify, design, build and maintain all types of vessel. The Shipbuilder platform is unique in the maritime sector for the way it provides insight into all the required data in an integrated environment, and a trendsetter in the field of data management. It applies the smartest IT technologies within the maritime industry in an optimal, well-structured way by replacing separate files and excess e-mails with a knowledge bank that can be used during the entire lifespan of a maritime project. The Shipbuilder team has over 20 years of hands-on experience in the maritime sector, combined with a very clear vision for the future.

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