Shipbuilder Sustainability Knowledge Base presented to Dutch member of parliament and ministry director


The Shipbuilder Sustainability Knowledge Base has been presented on sustainability day (10-10) to Salima Belhaj (member of the Dutch parliament) and Brigit Gijsbers (director of maritime affaires at Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment). The Dutch trade association Netherlands Maritime Technology (NMT) collected over 175 sustainable maritime solutions and selected 10 examples to spotlight in a sustainability maritime brochure. Among this 10 highlighted examples the Shipbuilder Sustainability Knowledge Base can be found. Geert Schouten, director at Shipbuilder: “Our vision is that knowledge is key to the success for a sustainable operating chain of builders, suppliers and owners. Therefore we have enabled a Sustainability Knowledge Base in our software. We’re excited that our Sustainability Knowledge Base now can be found in NMT’s sustainability brochure and online.”

Shipbuilder Sustainability Knowledge Base
Shipbuilder makes sustainable design, construction, maintenance and ultimate scrapping of a ship easy and within reach. Shipbuilder has taken the next step in the field of maritime sustainability with the implementation of a Knowledge Base for sustainability requirements in the software. In the Knowledge Base, Shipbuilder users can easily enter or import the sustainability requirements for the design, construction or refit of a ship in order to achieve a sustainable passport. The software checks whether the ship continues to comply with the sustainability requirements – from a proposal to a design, and from a design to the construction. Click here to read more.

Sustainable Maritime Solutions powered by the Dutch
The annual theme of Netherlands Maritime Technology for 2016 is ‘sustainability’. During sustainability day (10-10) the association spotlighted the sustainable potential of the maritime sector. At the association gathered over 175  of eco-friendly products and services, designed by Dutch maritime technology companies to address all types of challenges. Netherlands Maritime Technology published a maritime sustainability brochure with 10 highlighted solutions. Shipbuilders Sustainability Knowledge Base is one of these outstanding examples. Click here for the brochure

An overview of the Shipbuilder Sustainability Knowledgebase:


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