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Get off the CAD/CAM island and take the step towards product lifecycle management


The CAD/CAM team in a company can sometimes feel like an ‘island’ in stormy weather. Although the department is a key success factor for the realisation of major projects, the team has to deal with confusing, unstructured communication flows from other departments such as sales, project management and purchasing. E-mails with important project information go back and forth between departments, and this can lead to a mismatch between ordered parts (input) and the eventual desired result (output)… With all the unfortunate financial consequences this entails. Shipbuilder, a game-changing force in the maritime industry, has the answers you require to this unacceptable situation.

Data integration and connecting departments
Shipbuilder integrates all complex data of a project and shows them in clear overviews. For example, the software allows the input of all the requirements of a new build as early as the tender stage. The technical specifications are then generated from Shipbuilder as a consistent document, offering clarity for both company and client. If the tender is accepted, the company can immediately start the project and the CAD/CAM department can set to work based on the provided requirements.
If the client wants to make changes in the design stage, this too is easily possible with Shipbuilder. Changes are centrally registered so that all departments can take them into account as they happen. This allows Shipbuilder to integrate the data and connect all the departments within a company. The result is a far more efficient and effective process, enhanced by the social tool in Shipbuilder, which benefits users, company and client alike.

Shipbuilder can even look beyond the delivery time of a vessel, allowing users to create the entire desired lifecycle of a vessel based on a knowledge bank. This means that the design stage can also take into account future maintenance and even the eventual disassembly. As this will have been considered by the CAD/CAM department from the outset, the related costs can be considerably reduced.

With Shipbuilder integrating all data, the CAD/CAM department becomes more connected to the rest of the company. In addition, the software allows the department to take into account the full lifecycle of a vessel, which has clear advantages for shipping companies and shipbuilders.

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