Europort - Do you still want to be in the game in 5 years of time?

Europort visitors: Do you still want to be in the game in 5 years of time?


Would you still like to be in the game in 5 years of time? If your answer is ‘Yes’, the video below is for you. In this video, Geert Schouten, director of Shipbuilder, opens Europort with an urgent appeal: ‘I see young talented people with a lot of knowledge of digitalization leaving the sector, simply because they have to work at very outdated companies. With the young people leaving, say farewell to knowledge about digitalization. Fortunately, I also see good examples.’ Let us explore that further.

An urgent statement at Europort: Habits and reflexes kill innovation

In this video from Shipbuilder, Schouten explains that the sector often turns back to old habits: working with Excel, Word and Outlook. ‘However, that is a threat to the survival of maritime companies. It poses a huge risk to your projects. Without real digitalization you can no longer build yachts and ships,’ Schouten says at the start of Europort.

Good examples

Fortunately, this video also takes you through the good examples in the maritime sector. Schouten: ‘It is precisely by giving talented people in the field of digitalization the necessary space, that you can learn directly from them as a company, and also experience the benefits.’

Digital knowhow is required for innovation

But why digitalization? ‘It ensures that all separate data, spread out over all your documents, suddenly show up on your screen in a very transparent and structured way. Isn’t that amazing? This prevents expensive mistakes and allows you to develop innovations much faster. It is the only way to keep you in the game in the coming 5 years. We are a knowledge partner in the field of maritime digitalization and help companies to do this successfully.’

Digitalization as an important topic at Europort

During Europort Shipbuilder will release various videos in which they emphasize the importance of digitalization in the maritime sector. With challenging statements and comprehensible knowledge videos, they want to make the maritime sector smarter with digital applications. For more information, visit

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