Create added value after christening: maintenance management by Shipbuilder


A shipbuilder is justly proud when the champagne bottle hits the bow. But what added value can a builder offer its customers from that moment on? Here is where Shipbuilder comes in, offering added value for both the builder and the customer. Using Shipbuilder, an accessible maintenance schedule can be offered upon delivery. As such, the shipping company receives a clear overview of, for instance, when oil and water-separation filters need cleaning or when the service technician should be called in for inspection; things that are easily forgotten, Shipbuilder’s experience shows.

Well prepared at sea
All data is offered digitally and in small amounts. So there are no enormous Excel sheets or difficult PDFs. The maintenance schedules of equipment and systems can easily be imported into Shipbuilder. The shipping company therefore has an easy access to the maintenance tasks and associated spare parts. Having Shipbuilder on board, the crew is certain that all maintenance activities are clearly displayed. And all necessary spare parts are presented by Shipbuilder for the days, weeks, months or procedures to come. At sea, the crew can walk around the engine room with an Apple IPad or Samsung tablet and complete the list, always having the appropriate material on board. As such, the ship is always well prepared at sea.

Guarantee and transparency
This method of ship maintenance is obviously transparent about the maintenance that was carried out. Difficult guarantee issues are a thing of the past. Just pressing a button, the owner can print a report of the maintenance history of all equipment and systems. In order to make the transparency concerning the maintenance 100% watertight, Shipbuilder even offers the opportunity to upload a photo or footage per maintenance activity. As such, transparency is guaranteed and long-lasting and costly warranty issues can be prevented.

Permanent connection
Using Shipbuilder, the shipping company keeps in contact with the ship. At the shipping company’s demand, Shipbuilder can ‘monitor’ the technical operations on board. Even more importantly, before the servicing of the ship, the service technicians can already see which maintenance is required, which could save a lot of time and prevent errors.

 Sustainability and ‘internet of things’
Using Shipbuilder, sustainability on board the ship strongly increases. The chances of maintenance being forgotten, or overlooked because of piles of documents, are reduced to a minimum. That saves money, as repairs due to maintenance errors are expensive, because the ship needs to be temporarily decommissioned. Also, maintenance on ships often seriously affects the environment. Using Shipbuilder this is a thing of the past.
And looking towards the future: Shipbuilder is prepared for the maritime internet of things and can communicate by use of the latest equipment, with the advantage of no more unnecessary maintenance and also saving costs.

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