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ICT Strategy presents vision at Maritime Design Forum


Marine Design Forum posterOn 9 October 2014 our Technical Director Martijn van Loenen presents our vision on the trend we are all facing, a shift from documents with frozen information into a new era where data will be shared and managed real time. Documents will only act as a status report, not to control the actual data. This wasn’t possible until recently, as the IT technology had a few short comings. With the introduction of semantic data technology Shipbuilder Software is able to support you in making this happen.

The Maritime Design Forum is an association about Product Data Design in ship design. Their next symposium will be held at the Technical University in Delft. The symposium offers insights into what developments are desirable and feasible in the field of Product Data Technology (PDT). This interactive day will conclude with a panel discussion on the basis of prepared statements and input from the audience.


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